Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What Girls Think of On Facebook

I made a silly video. I'll probably make more. Hope it puts a giggle in your Tuesday.

Stay in school. Don't do drugs. Always check your fly. But if it's open, fuck it.

Sincerely, Stephanie xoxo

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Man Behind the Mask

So after my first post, I got all excited to finally broadcast all my ideas and videos and have this creative medium I could "play" in, and of course, my computer battery died. I had to order a new one, and by the time it had arrived, I was in the midst of a life changing solid week of batshitcrazy, as I like to call it. The batshitcrazy led up to me leaving for two weeks on a trip, so I felt like I had abandoned my new baby. But here I am coddling it to sleep. Coddling is a word right? I know nothing about babies.  Anyway, life kinda got crazy for me decision-making wise and opportunity wise. and everything didn't turn out exactly how I wanted. But the bottom line, is that's how life works. You have to stay glamorous and happy and work through those obstacles, to create a path for yourself. Not necessarily the "right" path or the "best" path but the path perfect for you.

Every now and then little things out everything into perspective, and above all, it's all an adventure. Try what you love, if it doesn't work out, try again. You'll find your happy place whether you went for a straight shot or happens to stumble right into it. Hopefully not because of vodka.

This week made me think of everyone's hopes and dreams and badassery. You might have already seen clips from it on the internet, but here's the video of Jim Carrey's amazing commencement speech at MUM(where they train English mothers?) and how he inspires everyone thought laughter and fantastic wisdom. 

Jim Carrey has been by far one of my comedic role models for probably a high percentage of my life. I first fell in comedy love watching him on The Mask. Hands down, blew my mind. Then later seeing him as the Riddler and on Dumb and Dumber, and was absolutely floored at his ability to (sometimes literally) transform into a human cartoon, with such amazing  facial expressions and vocal range of pitches and sounds. He was the goofiest of the goofy. I felt the need to watch him over and over again, not imitating him or trying to be funny at all, just soaking in all that charisma and quick wit he had. Hoping to one day have the same. And around the age I was already admiring people like Robin Williams and Will Smith who are also huge influences in my love for comedic acting, so I just added him to that list of that outstanding ever-so-rare now physical comedy, that just exudes happiness towards everyone. Okay, sorry I'm done with my comedygasm. Going back to the video!

He goes on to discuss how we are more than just mere people living in our own bodies, which is an interesting concept. To remember to use out surroundings and the resources around hs. Maybe he meant more towards the spiritual aspect of things. I'm not a spiritual or transcendent person at all, but the way I see it, if Jim Carrey and John Lennon were down with it, go on with yo bad selves ;) Most importantly, I'm sharing this video because of the message of doing what you love. Moreso than that, believing in yourself to do what you love. That even if you aren't in the place you want to be right now, or not all details are ironed about every aspect of your life, it'll resolve itself all in due time. Kicking ass in life is way more important. Do what you enjoy, what can make you consistently happy, and what can lead you live a life that you can say, damn "I'm so official, all I need is a whistle" as Dwayne Carter once said. Not everything's that easy, and not everything's going to come quickly and surely. But like Carrey said, "You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well do something that you love." 

And while you do that, figure out what you can contribute to society, whether it be on a large span or as small as always opening doors for the someone who looks like they need it, or even someone who looks like they don't. Maybe the events of last week just got me all thoughtful and such. Maybe I'm just "making noise" like Carrey says and "that's all that matters." But I wanted to show people the video if they hadn't seen it. Hopefully it'll make you laugh. Hopefully it'll make you pumped up for life. Go out there and do something new. Accept it if it's not perfect, that's what I'm doing. Just going to see what happens and where it takes me. And maybe I'll ask a couple people what they're favorite dinosaur is on the way....you know, standard procedure.

Sincerely, Stephanie xoxo

"I have no limits. I cannot be contained because I am the container." What a perfect way to describe the legend he is. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here Comes the Blog, Little Darling

If I could have some sort of gender reveal party, but it not be for a baby, and be for this blog instead, I would.

It's a...blog!...... A cool one!?

I've had an internal fight with myself for a couple weeks of when to write my first post. Nervous because the layout isn't perfect, the site doesn't have everything I want it to have right now, curious to what the exact "theme" or what "direction" it would go. What would I write as the beginning to this "baby' I now have, the legendary, historic, and ever so important first post ever?

Would I just jump into the goodies I have planned? Or would I have some boring back cover author-like description of me with some black and white head shot of me looking out a dramatic window? Would it be short? Would it be long? People probably won't really read it anyway. OR WILL THEY?!

It needs to be perfect, I kept saying. Well fuck it.

The whole point of me starting this little adventure with the internet and with you lovely ladies and lads, is because for a long time I've wanted some sort of medium to be able to be creative, fun, and produce something that people could look at it and either laugh, or see a little of their lives in the content, or be motivated or influenced to do great things without feeling the weight of the world around them. Without feeling the need to always be perfect.

Great things could mean anything, depending on your life, who you are, even sphere of influence. Do you have a million dollars? Start a charity. Or if you have 15 dollars to your name and just hate everything, maybe start thinking there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Great things could mean saying something nice to a stranger, or finally believing in yourself, or finally getting off the couch and heading to the gym and improving your health.  If no one reads this, it won't matter. If a blog fails in the middle of the internet forest, does it make a sound?  But if even one person reads this, or a certain post, and feels better about their lives, or inspired, or even just laughs....then that's all I want/wanted to achieve.

With the internet being so prevalent in everyone's lives these days, I feel like there are few pages you can go on and just seek positive messages, no subliminal messages or white noise but simply a thirst for the essence of life. I'm on a hunt to find other pages like that, and will hopefully be sharing them as I find them accordingly.

Soooo....maybe this post wasn't "perfect". Maybe it didn't make sense like it did in my head. But that's the point. Nothing will ever be perfect. It's the magic in the imperfections that make life what it is, and what makes all of us human. Take Risks. Say Fuck it.

Stop overthinking. With the endless forms of media we are submerged in, all these apps for all these phones and websites, our mind is flooded with thoughts, actions, agendas, knowledge, and so much more -non stop.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but at the end of the day. It's your life to live. Stop and smell the Starbucks coffee every now and then.  Slow down, and have a lazy day with people you love, or maybe you just know assholes and need a lazy day with yourself. Plan a life changing trip, or simply take a picnic at the local park, heck the local driveway. Try to make sure its your driveway, you know, for obvious reasons.

I hope this blog gives you something you were looking for. A laugh, inspiration, or whatever. And if not, well alright then. I mean there are jelly beans in the background. Sue me.

Sincerely,  Stephanie xoxo

"I learned a long time ago that reality was weirder than anyone's imagination." -Hunter S Thompson